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Elastomeric Coating for Non-Metal Surfaces

PERMAFLEX WALL COATING 5020-CER is an acrylic elastomeric coating for non-metal surfaces including concrete, stucco and asphalt.

Excellent coating for above grade moisture protection. Contains mildewcides.


Concrete, stucco, asphalt, wood, wood siding or any rust-free surface.


Reduces daily expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of various substrates.

Reflects 90% of the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. 

The excellent reflective properties help to reduce cooling costs.

Contains a strong mildewcide/fungicide.

Excellent adhesion to varoius substrates.

Superior resistance to dirt helps it stay white longer and maintain reflectivity.

Easy to use, easy clean up, non-toxic and VOC compliant water based coating.


All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt. High-pressure water washing is recommended. Any existing coating must be checked for good adhesion. Before application, any loosely adhered coating must be removed and bare surfaces must be prepared, cleaned and checked for compatibility.


PERMAFLEX WALL COATING 5020-CER is ready to use. Thinning is not required or recommended.

Spray: Airless Sprayer, 3000 p.s.i., 2 g.p.m. capacity with a #631 tip.

Brush: Good quality synthetic bristle brush.

Roller: Long nap roller.

Technical Data

Color: White; standard and custom colors available.

Density: 11.7+0.1 lbs/gal

ph: >8.0

Volume % Solids: 49.0% + 1.0%

Wt % Solids: 63,4%+1.0%

Flash Point: N/A

Tensile Strength: >200 p.s.i. @ 77 deg F

Elongation: >400% @ 77 deg F

Application Rate: 100 - 125 sq. ft/GAL

Recommended Application: 20 - 30 mils DFT

Min Surface Application Temp: 50 deg F - Do not allow to freeze.

Drying Time @77 deg F: To touch 1 hr. - Recoat 24 hr.

Packaging: 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drums


Caution: Do not apply within two hours of sunset, rain, fog or freezing tempuratures. All coatings must be completely dry before exposing to water or foot traffic.

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